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Hans Decoz's Select Suggestions

Numerology Software

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Gain valuable insight into yourself, your loved ones and the science of Numerology with Hans Decoz's Numerology software. Now available through PayPal!

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You've just scratched the surface of Numerology. Now try these other free Numerology tools!

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Look deeper into divination at Each report is designed by Hans Decoz and personalized for your unique information.

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Numerology Software

Unlock the Mystery of Numerology with Decoz

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Consult the Expert ... Then Become One!

Purchase the Decoz Numerology Software professional bundle and create your own expert reports for clients.

Crack the Numerology Code with Decoz

The Decoz Numerology Software standard bundle: everything you need to become the Numerology expert that your friends and family turn to.

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Numerology Software

Find the Perfect Match

Playing matchmaker? Searching for your own true love? Run as many compatibility reports as you wish ... for just $49!

Pick the Right Name

The Decoz Numerology Software Name Advisor helps you pick the right name ... for a child, business or even work of art!

Ready for the Next Step?

Look deeper into divination at Each report is designed by Hans Decoz and personalized for your unique information.

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Look deeper into Numerology at Each individually purchased report is designed by Hans Decoz and personalized for your unique information.

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Decoz® Numerology Software

Master Numerologist Hans Decoz, and best-selling author and numerologist Tom Monte, have devoted 2 decades to the creation of the enormous numerology data base that is the largest of any numerology software program.
Decoz software is world-renowned and the best-selling numerology product in the world.  Reports produced with Decoz software are not only considerably larger and more in-depth than those of other systems, they are also more specific, more personal and better written.

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Free Forecasts, Readings, and Tutorials (450+ pages)
4 Free Numerology Software Programs


Download free Decoz software  

Download the Decoz Numerology program with 4 programs and reports included FREE!
These free programs will NOT expire and you can make as many mini-reports for as many people as you wish.

  • Free: REPORT — The extensive Personal Profile & Forecast report that you can create with our free software would cost at least $45 on one of the leading online sites such as
  • Free: SHORT PROFILES — Personal Report Writer; creates 5-7 page reports in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.  No limitations.  Make as many reports as you wish.
  • Free: CHART CALCULATOR — Creates a complete listing of all the numbers found in a chart.
  • Free: CHART MAPPING — Displays a "natal" chart (also used in our popular E-book and audio course).
  • Free: ZOOKER — A puzzle game inspired by numerology.

Premium Numerology Software

Additional Options

All programs listed below are available in standard and professional versions.  Standard versions are identical to professional versions — they are not "smaller" versions and therefore create exactly the same reports.  The only difference is that the professional versions include a license to sell the reports, while the standard versions do not.  More details

Each of these programs is available individually, or in sets, for incredible savings! News: Decoz® software is now available through PayPal!

  • Profiles & Forecasts
    Produces complete and extensive Personality Profiles and Future Forecasts.  A full Personality Profile is about 20-23 pages.  A detailed 1-year forecast is also 20-23 pages.  A 1-year day-by-day forecast is 35-40 pages.  You select how many aspects and cycles to include, as well as duration of cycles.  This easy-to-use program will have you producing reports within minutes.
    Note:  This is actually two programs combined: Personality Profiles and Future Forecasts.  In addition, you get the Numbers Around You program free (see below)  More details.
    New: Now also includes Spanish and Portuguese.  Easily switch from English to Spanish or Portuguese.
    New: Use non-English characters (as found in Scandinavian and Latin names) without compromising the integrity of the report.
  • Numbers Around You
    with your purchase of Profiles & Forecasts (above).  Analyzes street addresses and phone numbers, and helps you find lost objects.  More details
  • Relationship Compatibility
    Couples, business partners, etc.  More details
  • Name Advisor
    Analyze up to 8 names at a time, and compare — use for newborns, business names or products, and more.  More details
  • ColorChartMaker
    Beautiful 1-page natal chart.  More details
  • Lucky Numbers
    Monthly and daily numbers that work in your favor.  More details
  • The Diamond
    The I Ching of Numerology!  More details

If you include postage with your order of ANY software program, you automatically get the 220-page E-book and 7-hour audio course on CD for NO EXTRA CHARGE.

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In our quest to offer our customers only the most authentic content, Visionary Networks is proud to associate itself with Hans Decoz, the world's most experienced developer of accurate and in-depth reports.
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